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Peer Support Team


Welcome to the Christian Adventure Network. PSTs (Peer Support Teams) use outdoor adventures to build relationships between Christian outdoorsmen and hometown heroes (military and first responder personnel). This grassroots effort empowers churches and agencies through a pioneered outreach that introduces battle-hardened warriors to Christ. 

If you're interested in deploying one of America's best suicide prevention formulas, then launch a PST today. We provide outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation to build strong military and first responder families, develop youth, and establish welcoming communities. Our proactive approach in mental health focuses on relationships, spiritual fortitude, family bonds, and re-discovering purpose. Let us empower your team to do more for hometown heroes and their families. 


Suicide is a leading cause of death among military and first responders and their family members, and you have the power to help. Our goal is to partner with you to save lives by training and equipping outdoorsmen in your organization to host local adventures. Simply click on the Partner Up link below to get started. 

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