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Designed to fill the gap for hardcore Warriors who find healing in outdoor adventures. This is a complimentary service to revive the warrior ethos and build post-traumatic strength in concert with healthcare providers. Whether it's skydiving from 13,000 feet or scuba diving underwater reefs, fighting a goliath grouper or taking down a bulging bull elk: Hoorah Therapy takes “medicine” to a whole new level. Come fill your prescription with 10 CAN Outdoors and discover a renewed mission.


To treat:

Depression, Anxiety, Emptiness, Anger, Suicidal thoughts, Loneliness, Post-traumatic stress, Secondary traumatic stress, Vicarious trauma, etc.

Prescription side effects: 

Peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, love, ambition, transformation, purpose, pleasure, compassion, satisfaction, etc.  

Ask your healthcare provider today if Hoorah Therapy is right for you.


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