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The Christian Adventure Network (10 CAN) is an not-for-profit organization that aims to promote fellowship, spiritual growth, and adventure through outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation. Becoming a member of 10 CAN can be important for several reasons: 1. Fellowship and Community: Joining 10 CAN allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your faith and love for outdoor adventures. It provides an opportunity to build lasting friendships, find support, and participate in group activities. 2. Spiritual Growth: 10 CAN often incorporates faith-based teachings and discussions into activities. By becoming a member, you can engage in meaningful conversations, make connections, and spiritual reflections that can deepen your relationship with God and and others. 3. Outdoor Adventures: 10 CAN offers various outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, caving, scuba, biking, wilderness survival, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and more. Participating in these adventures can help you appreciate and marvel at the wonders of God's creation. It provides an opportunity to strengthen your connection with nature and experience personal growth through challenges and exploration. 4. Stewardship and Service: 10 CAN often emphasizes environmental stewardship and encourages members to care for the environment. Becoming a member allows you to participate in service projects and conservation efforts, contributing to the well-being of nature and demonstrating your commitment to being a responsible steward of God's creation. Ultimately, joining the Christian Adventure Network can offer you a sense of community, opportunities for spiritual growth, and the chance to engage in exciting outdoor adventures that align with your faith. Value of Membership: 1. Access to Resources: Being a member of 10 CAN grants you access to a range of resources such as training materials, outdoor guides and mentors, devotionals, and curated content related to outdoor adventures and Christian faith. These resources can enhance your knowledge, skills, and understanding in both areas. 2. Networking Opportunities: Membership in 10 CAN can connect you with a network of individuals who share your interests and values. This network can provide opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and learning from others' experiences. It can also facilitate new friendships and potential adventure partners. 3. Exclusive Events and Trips: 10 CAN organizes exclusive events, retreats, and adventures for its members. These experiences include specialized workshops, group expeditions, and access to unique locations. Participating in these events can provide memorable and enriching experiences tailored to your interests. 4. Community Support: Being part of a community of like-minded individuals who share your faith and passion for outdoor adventures can provide a strong support system. You can find encouragement, guidance, and accountability within the 10 CAN community as you pursue your spiritual and adventure goals. 5. Service and Outreach Opportunities: 10 CAN offers opportunities to engage in service projects and outreach initiatives. By participating in these activities, you can make a positive impact in the lives of others, demonstrate compassion, and serve as a reflection of your Christian values. Ultimately, the value of your membership with the Christian Adventure Network depends on your personal goals, interests, and the level of engagement you have with the organization's offerings.

If you're looking for nonprofit that empowers healing, ignites purpose, and evangelizes through action, adventure, and the great outdoors, then welcome aboard.  There are a few things you should know before moving forward: - Adventures are earned, not owed. - Future warriors come first. - We build relationships, not religion.  - Our four cornerstones are: Faith, Family, Purpose, and Nature.  - We love God, America, and the Great Outdoors. Membership can be obtained by donating or volunteering. Our faith-based approach provides healing, purpose, and restoration. We chose relationships over religion, peace over politics, collaboration over competition, and nature over brick and mortar. We serve all warriors, women, and youth regardless of age, race, gender, class, or beliefs. However, membership is required because success hinges on commitment.  ​ We host and array of adventures around the country including but not limited to hunting, fishing, camping, scuba, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, exploring, survival, skydiving, and more. Our network partners include peer organizations, churches, businesses, agencies, and donors. Chapter initiatives are growing in every state which connects warriors with outdoorsmen for free adventures.

















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