Calling Warrior Leaders!

Think you have what it takes to lead combat Vets, elite law enforcement officers, or courageous fire-rescue personnel? Do you have a Devine calling? 

How about a heart for children and youth?


Join our team and together we can stop suicide, prepare future warriors, and restore families.


Our state chapter initiative was formed to bring outdoor adventures to warriors around the world in a response to pandemic travel restrictions.


Christian outdoorsmen partner up with local warriors for hometown adventures.  Moderators create awareness and builds state teams for hosting adventures.

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Online or In Person


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Our Mission: Save Heroes...Raise Warriors...Restore Hope for Military and First Responder families through Action, Adventure, and the Great Outdoors.

Our Vision: To build an International, National, Community, and Family-based network of God-fearing patriotic partners to enhance the lives of warriors, women, and youth.


We incentivize healing through purpose, revive the warrior ethos through adventure, and grow the next generation of heroes through the great outdoors. We are a cure for PTSD and a solution for suicide prevention. We empower post-traumatic growth, unify families, and heal moral wounds through a faith and family focus. We strive to prevent PTSD in warriors by building a solid childhood foundation, heal disabled warriors by reconnecting them to their childhood roots, and strengthening caregivers. 

Help us save our heroes and raise warriors...