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How 2 Security Companies Secured an event full of Law Enforcement, Military Personnel , Government O

Recent criminal attacks against Law Enforcement & First Responders have shown the importance of proper event safety and security planning, and the value of effective emergency response. Fund raisers, political campaigns, Sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, conferences, and exhibitions, by their very nature attract crowds and may also become targets for crimes such as theft, robbery, assault and terrorism. These events become bigger targets as crowds assemble and grow. They may also become opportunities for special interest groups to publicly demonstrate. Poor event planning, management, crowd control, security, and ineffective emergency response, increase the likelihood of injuries, property damage and even catastrophic attacks. Proper event safety and security must be tailored to each specific event and potential exposure.

On September 11, 2018 10 CAN Inc. hosted an event that honored the lives that were lost on September 11, 2001 while also paying tribute to our local heroes. In attendance we had political figures, government officials, police & fire chiefs. At an event a safety & security plan begins by defining the risks. Risk is a combination of harm and the likelihood that it will occur.

N-TACT SECURITY & FORCE 4 TRAINING provided a framework to support the safety of our people and how secure our event would be. Security never left their post, to battle mental fatigue and to stay alert they rotated locations and some blended well with the general population. All in all we were extremely happy with their professionalism, appearance, knowledge of people in attendance and contingency plan. For more information on these two companies click on their links.


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