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Newberry Highschool Senior receives the 10 CAN FUTURE WARRIOR SCHOLARSHIP.

Making your dreams come true during COVID-19

Newbery, FL Kesed Haglund (Pictured above with her parents) is 10 CAN's Future Warrior Scholarship Recipient.

Kesed is passionate about different cultures and languages and enjoys the challenges of learning and overcoming cultural and communication barriers. In February of this year she received word that she was accepted into The University of West Florida.

UWF is well known for its international relations and business degree. Kesed intends to concentrate not only on international business, but on learning the intricacies of language and culture, primarily focusing on European languages.

The 10 CAN, Inc. Scholarship will assist her in achieving her dreams of attending a four-year college, majoring in International Relations and Business while earning a minor in languages.

Congratulations in behalf of our Founders, Staff, Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors.


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