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The Christian Adventure Network

Ever wondered what 10 CAN, Inc. stands for? In simple terms, we're the Christian Adventure Network - a volunteer group of like-minded people and organizations aspiring to bridge the gap between warriors and the Church. We do this through an action-based ministry that fosters love, grace, and mercy - characteristics of Christ. We don't "push" our faith, but rather walk it out.

What gap you ask? Many warriors refuse to attend church for a variety reasons. After boiling it down, we've deduced that the core reason most warriors do not attend church is the hypocrisy found within the walls of many churches. This human standard in our society becomes a double standard in our perception of Christians. We think Christians should be above human nature, and this expectation creates self-erected barriers. Many churches, on the other hand, are ill-equipped to connect with warriors because of thresholds. Neither warrior nor church is at fault. Churches are stationary beacons of hope, and lighthouses for people in a storm. Warriors are impact-agents looking for a purposeful mission.

Imagine Christian Warriors united for America. Now you see our "why".


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