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Welcome to Wilderness Survival. Our mission is to revive the warrior ethos through survival challenges and raise the next generation of warriors through a Rite of Passage. 


Survival Race for Heroes
Survival Race for Heroes
Mar 06, 2021, 8:00 AM
Silver Springs,
Silver Springs, FL, USA


Welcome to one of the most intense adventure races in America. The Survival Race for Heroes was designed by a combat Veteran, Survivalist, and Outdoorsman for the sole purpose of embracing the suck for a purpose. With land and water obstacles, primitive survival skills tests, and a near 50 mile course, this experience is one you'll never forget. 



  • One or two day course w/ overnight camping

  • Kayak, Canoe, or SUP

  • Azimuth Land Navigation Course

  • Obstacles

  • Wilderness Survival Skills Test

  • 40+ Mile River Course  



1.0 - Finishes at Ichetucknee Springs South at last take-out.
2.0 - Finishes at Ellie Rays the next day.
3.0 - Finishes at Hart Springs the next day.


What does the race entail?

Each category has three different divisions: Competitive,

Recreational, and Team (no more than 5 individuals).

Competitive will take-on this course individually and

are graded on Primitive Survival Ratings (PSR), overall time,

and sportsmanship. Teams are graded on total amount of

money raised for their cause and how many fans they bring to

the finish line (there is a $5 per person entry fee

(10 and under are free)). Recreational is not graded and may

use this race as a fundraiser for a charity of their choice

(must be approved). 


This year our race will begin and end at the Ichetucknee Springs last take out. (Parking will be available at the South entrance. After kayak drop off at the southern most take out.) When the race starts, kayakers will launch their vessels and paddle up the Ichetucknee River to the northern kayak launch. There they will pull their Kayak Out of the river, Do a 2-mile. walk / run And then dive into the Springs to retrieve a coin they will need to submit before being allowed back on the river. (So bring a diving mask or goggles!)  Once competitors present the coin, they can launch their kayak and paddle back down to the last take out. When competitors reach the last take out, they will exit the river with their kayak and once they drag their kayak across the finish line, that will be the end of the race for our 1.0 division.

Note: wear swim attire, as you may face several water obstacles. 

For 1.0, taking on only the Ichetucknee River, this will be your finish line. For 2.0 and 3.0 taking on the Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers, you will pit-stop here for lunch before moving on to Camp Nico. Note: your time will pause while on break. 


For 2.0 and 3.0, you will continue downstream to the Santa Fe River. Turn upstream and paddle to Camp Scardaville. You will then attempt a land navigation course via azimuth (compass with distance and direction). Each competitor and team must reach all five checkpoints and complete each PSR before moving on (10 minute max at each checkpoint). 


Teams and competitors will ruck their gear throughout the course. Teams may use a relay format to complete the race. Recreational may pack gear in vessels. PSR examples are: fire starting, spear throwing, tomahawk/knife throwing, archery, self-defense, water purification, shelter construction, etc. 3.0 will receive extra points for sleeping in their shelter. 


The next day we will begin launching before sunrise. You will launch with a wingman and must remain with them until dawn. Everyone is required to stop at Ellie Rays. 3.0, be prepared to complete an obstacle before moving on to the Suwannee River. This is the finish line for 2.0. 


Everyone who starts the day-two paddle must finish before 6:00pm. There will be two checkpoints along this river race. These checkpoints are for your safety and allows us to keep track of everyone along the river. The finish line is at Hart Springs Park on the Suwannee River.   



What are the transportation accommodations?

You are responsible for making arrangements for drop-off and pick-up.  

This does not apply to 1.0 racers since we begin and end at Ichetucknee Springs Last Take Out.


Do I need to rent a Kayak or can I bring my own?

1.0 Racers will be able to rent kayaks  at The Last Take Out for a small fee ($20-22 Single) ($35-$30 Tandem)

You must call Ichetucknee Springs and tell them that you are reserving for The SURVIVAL RACE.

All others need to bring their own. 

Do I need a fishing license?

No, unless you plan to fish while kayaking. All competitors must comply with Florida Wildlife Commission rules for fishing, hunting, and trapping.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Ages 10-15 years old accompanied by parents and must have a parental release form. Individuals 16-17 years old also need a parental release form, but may compete with approved adult. Those 18+ years old need a release of liability.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes. Contact us to transfer.



No guns, alcohol, or illegal drugs. No weight limitations on ruck. Maintain composure, sensor vulgarity, and play fair. Stay with team mate if you have one. Call out safety concerns. Be prepared mentally and physically. No motorized vessels. Exception: active LEO may carry a concealed weapon, but must check-in and certify status during registration.



Division director & Class Instructor

Steven Claytor
  • Founder of North Florida Survival

  • Survival Specialist

  • Loves Dogs

  • Loves Kids

  • Loves to teach

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