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Our research and development (R&D) began in 2005 with a comprehensive study in adolescent development. This study followed future warriors with limited outdoor exposure compared to youth emersed in nature. The results proved that warriors with childhood roots in the outdoors are more resilient against PTSD, thus being less susceptible to suicide. 

Following this 10-year study, a nonprofit was formed to enhance mental health services for military and first responder families. Based on the conclusive evidence, four pillars of empowerment were formed: Faith, Family, Purpose, and Nature. These are the cornerstones that defend against suicidal ideations. Six more life elements were explored and proven critical to mental health.


The findings and effective application of this formula can be found in the book Saving Heroes. If you're seeking a battleplan against suicide or a cure for the mental health crisis in America, then invest time in this book.  

The essence of holistic wellness equally balances ten life elements. If a spoke is broken, then the entire wheel is off balance. It is a proven modality used by the Christian Adventure Network to rescue warriors from spiritual imprisonment, clinical experiments, pharmaceuticals, and self-destruction. It restores families, overcomes homelessness, and heals hidden wounds. 


Saving Heroes shares the story of a veteran’s quest to heal from combat injuries and return to the fight, but on a different battlefield. It incorporates the number one ministry in America for military and first responder families. It compliments, unites, and consolidates the exceptional work of churches, medical practitioners, and therapeutic programs. 

You’ll find simple answers to complicated problems, including how to escape self-imprisonment, overcome thoughts of suicide, and use combat training to defend yourself against spiritual attacks. 

Join the fight and learn how to wage spiritual warfare. Let Dr. Burke's testimony unveil a purpose in your life and a reason for your struggle. Help us bridge the gap between warriors and the Church and let's save heroes together. 

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Other Books by Author

Raising Outdoorsmen is a book series launched by Dr. Burke to introduce the great outdoors to warriors, women, youth. The goal is to consolidate best practices in conservation, education, and ethical outdoorsmanship. 

The first book in this five-book series is Raising Outdoorsmen: The Youth Hunter. This is a great resource for youth hunting camps. It's full of youth-friendly instructions, illustrations, and has a place to journal hunting adventures in the back. Learn how one of America's most elite organizations is developing the next generation of hunters.  


A storm stirred deep inside, and nobody knew what he could hide. Turmoil and chaos held within, laid in wait after the battles' end. This warrior should’ve received a hero’s death, but instead he destroys all that's left. Empty of faith, void of feeling, nothing was available that could offer healing. Poked and prodded and given the gauntlet, everyone fears the unknown and haunted. But he rose above it all, after receiving a Heavenly call. To serve and protect those in need, began a mission of purpose indeed. To bridge a gap and create a link, between families who fight and those who think. Welcome to the rise of 10 CAN, Inc.

- Dr. Matthew R. Burke


Do you believe that there’s a cure for PTSD? Neither did we. Until recently, Post-Traumatic Stress was considered the most complex phenomena of the mind. Treatment plans reflected this belief, with overly complex formulas and high doses of medication(s). But the continuous rise in warrior suicides prompted innovative changes. In such, 10 CAN was born.

10 CAN, Inc. is the Christian Adventure Network founded by a wounded warrior to serve military and first responder families. We are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization designed to save heroes, raise the next generation of warriors, and restore families through the great outdoors. Our focus on outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation fosters healing, prevents suicides, and builds community. Our faith-based approach is non-religious and encompasses a fit-to-fight model for the entire family. Spiritual well-being, mental health, and physical abilities establish a diverse and well-rounded approach for our Heroes and their families.

Our simplified solution with dynamic resolve has a 100% success rate in suicide prevention. In his book Saving Heroes, Dr. Burke provides the formula to the working cure. You’ll note that treating the variety of traumatic stresses requires a fitted approach for each warrior. With childhood roots and nature being the main ingredients, it’s imperative that we aim to be proactive in medicine.

We are often considered a parachurch, using the outdoors as our sanctuary for spiritual healing and growth. Our model of ministry is action driven, adventurous, and often vicarious. Bridging the gap between the Church and Warriors is a vital part of the cure. Faith is the antiseptic for moral wounds. Without it, we’re merely pacifying the real need. The diversity of military and first responder families require diverse outreach programs. Everyone's spiritual walk is different and not all believe the same. We serve everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, class, etc. 

We aim to create purpose-driven, resilient, healthy warriors ready to positively impact their community and country. We empower post-traumatic growth by offering Spiritual Combat Training. The Rite of Passage helps youth draw a line in the sand to mark their transformation into emerging adulthood. Revivals replace retreats because we refuse to run and hide. Disaster and Crisis Response, fields critical needs across the Nation. Agri-therapy teaches to create life, rather than destroy it. And Hoorah Therapy reaches those warriors who don’t benefit from soft therapies (I.E. Yoga, talking, art, etc.).    

We evangelize through action, adventure, and the great outdoors. We believe that a solid childhood foundation equates to effective and resilient adulthood. This is a proactive approach to solving the medical phenomena of PTSD, reducing criminal behavior, and changing the world through our backyard. We enhance the quality of life for our Heroes by bridging the family gap created during combat; empower self-healing through faith and purpose; and develop future warriors who are equipped to handle Secondary Traumatic Stress and Post-Traumatic Stress. While the most effective healing happens at home, it is a strong root system that keeps a tree standing through the storm.


History of Our Name

Divinely inspired, “10 CAN” represents the number of life elements we require to be whole.  Imagine a 10-spoke wheel. If one spoke is broken, the entire wheel is off balance. So goes life. Fortunately, God has given us a checkbox simple solution. See Saving Heroes for full details. 


It’s an honor to work with businesses, organizations, churches, ministries, schools, government agencies, and individuals of various backgrounds. We are not bound by political or religious thresholds and reach deep into the heart of communities where others are unable to go. Partnerships allow us to provide our expertise in hosting adventures, while leaning on partners for service referrals.  



To save heroes, raise warriors, and restore families through the great outdoors.



1. Public Awareness: develop a TV series to showcase partners and highlight best practices in saving heroes, raising warriors, and restoring families.

2. Growth and Development: continue developing state chapters throughout the country that brings best practices to communities and backyards of warrior families. 

3. Leadership Development: provide leadership retreats for peer organizations to uniform best practices and heal Vicarious Trauma. 

4. Employment: generate funding to employ disabled Veterans in the outdoor industry.

5. Headquarters: establish a compound that offers therapeutic retreats, training and development, adaptive sports and recreation, and family camps.



1. Centralize and consolidate a coalition of service organizations that warriors can easily navigate.

2. Launch chapters around the world through churches., military instillations, and first responder departments.  

3. Cure PTS and prevent suicides.

4. Defeat hate, corruption, greed, lust, and envy through love, adventure, and internal peace.

5. Create a global outreach of volunteers empowered to prevent suicides and heal moral wounds.

6. Develop relationships between Warriors and Jesus Christ.

7. Raise public leaders who are conservation minded, strong in character, and compassionate for one another.

8. Diversify the outdoors with women, youth, and minorities.

9. Give warriors purpose, meaning, and reason.

10. Enrich the lives of children through the outdoors, building impact-driven adolescents through a Rite of Passage.

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