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Welcome to the newest member of our team: Chef Amadeus.






The Christian Adventure Network Announces Newest Leader

Chef Amadeus Accepts Executive Chef Position


St Augustine, Florida (September, 2023) – Hosting more than five hundred missions a year, the Christian Adventure Network, known as 10 CAN, Inc., feeds thousands of people annually. The Executive Chef will have the responsibility of overseeing food quality and consistency. “The success of every mission hinges on the food” said Dr. Matthew Burke, Executive Director of the not-for-profit 10 CAN, Inc.


A goal of the Christian Adventure Network is to heal, empower, and enlist past and present military and first responder personnel to fulfill their calling in helping others. 10 CAN focuses on raising future defenders, restoring families, search and rescue, wildlife conservation, and building friendships with fellow warriors.


10 CAN is one of the fastest growing organizations in the US. Their back-to-basics healing strategies found in the book Saving Heroes is their suicide prevention formula. Dr. Burke developed Hoorah Therapy to reach warriors who are built differently. “Many warriors heal through outdoor missions. It gives them focus and purpose. For them, soft therapies like yoga or art does not work – yet most medical communities force participation in these ineffective modalities” said Dr. Burke.   


“It’s important to feed the body as much as the mind and spirit” said Dr. Burke. A top priority in mission planning is food. When, where, what, how, and why are vital to the planning process. Chef Amadeus will not only ensure the success of every mission, but he will train and lead a team of volunteers who will deploy under his command.


“We use certain foods to lock-in memories for youth after they successfully harvest an animal at our hunting camps” said Jon Parks, Hunting Division Director for 10 CAN, Inc. Dr. Burke refers to this in his book Saving Heroes as a “ratatouille moment”. Tapping into the five senses is a great way to combat mental health issues. “Food brings back so many wonderful memories for our warriors” said Chino Batista, President of 10 CAN, Inc. “Living off the land is wonderful for a short period of time, but a hot meal at the end of a wilderness survival challenge is encouraging while embracing the suck” said Steve Claytor, Wilderness Division Director of 10 CAN, Inc.  


Chef Amadeus will undergo three months of on-the-job training with Steve Claytor and camp Chef Marco Kinsman. Marco has been cooking for the Christian Adventure Network for nearly five years and knows what it takes to feed the masses. Timing, preparation, and quantity are important.


Chef Amadeus’s interview for the Executive Chef position began at the Orange Lake Mud Boat Run when Tiffiny Sanders recruited him to cook gator gumbo for nearly three hundred guests. Chef Amadeus then attended an Everglades Adventure, cooking for fifteen members during an inaugural python hunt.


“There is something so unique about being able to sit down and have a meal during a 10 CAN warrior camp event.  To be able to break bread, share stories, and build bonds is a crucial aspect of the Christian Adventure Network as well as the healing and story sharing of warrior experiences both past, present, and those to come" said Army Master Sergeant Michael R. Kiser II, Joint Task Force Director for 10 CAN.


The services provided by the Christian Adventure Network combines love and passion for God, America, family, and the great outdoors. To do better as a nation, we must first do better as individuals. Serving others provides a helpers high, which within itself heals moral wounds. It is with honor and distinction that we bring on Chef Amadeus to save heroes, raise warriors, and restore hope through food.

For more information, visit and follow in social media at @10CANinc.




Matthew R. Burke, Ph.D.

Executive Director, 10 CAN, Inc.


Board of Directors
Executive Team


Matthew R. Burke, Ph.D.

Founder/Executive Director


Raised on a Farm in Webster, FL. Escaped poverty and homelessness. Founded 10 CAN, Inc. Earned Black Belt in Martial Arts. Won Gold and Silver Medals in London Invictus Games. Air Force combat Veteran: 13 years 4 deployments. Ph.D. in Public Policy & Admin in Emergency Management. MA in Youth Ministry. BS in Criminal Justice. Background in HR, PA, Marketing, Survival, Self-Defense, R&D, Safety & Risk Mgmt., Aircraft Mx, Leadership, and Public Speaking. Author of Saving Heroes and Raising Outdoorsmen. 


Jasmine Burke


Jasmine assisted the development of 10 CAN, Inc. by providing the perspective of what it's like to be a child of a wounded warrior. She is a Paramedic, Certified Nursing Assistant, and student of psychology.  She's an avid outdoorsman, instructor, and mentor for military children. Jasmine aspires to join the FBI, obtain her Ph.D. in Emergency Management and become a strategic leader for Homeland Security. 


Chef Amadeus 

Executive Chef


Chef Amadeus, is a culinary instructor with University of Florida Professional and workforce Development, Partner with Mirror Image Leadership, Board Member Advisory Council Ronald McDonald House Gainesville, FL. Winner of the Food Networks Extreme Chef “Mexican Showdown, Founding Member of American Culinary Federation Mid Florida East Coast Chapter, Past President of American Culinary Federation First Coast Chapter, recurring Guest Chef on The Low Down with James Yon,  creator of Southern Passion Spices, a salt-free line of spices. His duties will include training and leading a team of volunteers who will provide high quality food at each camp, hosting cooking clinics, and ensuring food quality and consistency.   


Jon Parks

Hunting Division Director


Jon Parks is the Hunting Division Director. He is responsible for planning, coordinating, and fulfilling our mission of Hunting for a Cure. 


Michael Kiser

Joint Task Force Director

Army MSgt Mike Kiser is responsible for state chapter development, partnerships, and serves at the pleasure of the Executive Director. 

Tommy Duncan.jpg

Col. Tommy Duncan

Chief Advisor

Retired Colonel Tommy Duncan served as a commander in the Army Green Berets. He is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on impact, diversity & inclusion, public relations, and legal.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Social Media Manager

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Human Resources Director

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Marketing Director

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Aquatics Division Director

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  


Freddie C. Batista



Freddie "Chino" Batista is a dedicated father and loving husband, an Army combat Veteran, a SME in video production and web development, an avid outdoorsman, patriot, and believer in Christ Jesus. Chino has worked his way up to the top leadership position. He oversees the Board of Directors, leads and manages day-to-day administration, aides in financial management, and represents as a Pro-Staff member at expos, speaking engagements, and adventures.  


Robert "BJ" Isom


BJ Isom is a father, husband, devout Christian, firefighter and Paramedic, avid outdoorsman, and servant. He aids the leadership and management of the Board of Directors, Pro-Staff approval authority, public speaker, and represents us at expos around the country.  


Steve Claytor

Wilderness Division Director

Steve Claytor is a Florida native who founded North Florida Survival. He specializes in wilderness survival, Search and Rescue, and disaster response. 


Dr. Abhishek Kumar

Mission Impact Chief

Dr. Kumar is a medical rehabilitation specialist responsible for ensuring mission effectiveness in mental, physical, and spiritual health. 


Dr. Kim Rego-Watkins

Director of Operations

Dr. Rego-Watkins is responsible for managing programs and serves at the pleasure of the Executive Director. 

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Chief Operations Officer

This seat is currently open. Apply by emailing


Pastor Jim Perkins

Chief Chaplain

Pastor James "Jim" Perkins is a military Vet who's passionate about the great outdoors, family, and his faith. His position is responsible for recruiting and managing state chapter chaplains. 

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Grant Manager

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Chief Finance Officer

This position is currently available. Email to apply.  

10CAN LOGO Circular.png

Open Seat

Chief Administrative Officer

This position is currently available for a highly motivated volunteer. Email to apply. 

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