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10 CAN, Inc. is a Christian Adventure Network founded by a wounded warrior to serve Military and First Responder families. We are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization designed to honor the families of our Heroes, revive a warrior’s ethos, and grow adolescents through outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation. Our faith-based approach encompasses a fit-to-fight model for the entire family. Spiritual well-being, mental health, and physical abilities establish a diverse and well-rounded approach for our Heroes and their families. 


A rite-of-passage for emerging adolescents and youth is offered as an essential element of becoming impact-drive adults. We believe the best way to combat PTSD is by growing deep roots in faith and family before trauma occurs. This is our preventative healthcare plan for future warriors. Build a rock-solid foundation when their young and they’ll stand resilient through the tragedy. 


Our goal for Wounded Warriors and First Responders is to provide them a purpose through community service. By joining our tribe, these warriors are empowered by action, adventure, and the great outdoors. Warriors are the strength of civilizations, and maintain a creed to defend and aid the weak and impoverished. Feed the hungry, mentor the young, protect the environment, and stand for righteousness are all part of our community service model. 


We are Headquartered on a 10-acre Farm in Newberry, FL., where we hold the Homegrown by Heroes credentials from Farmer Veteran Coalition. Additionally, we’re located in High Springs, Gainesville, and are mobile (conducting missions across North America). We partner with other nonprofits to enhance our outreach ministry; as collaboration is vital to the synergistic effect required to heal warriors.  


100% of donations received goes toward our programs. Donors are welcome to select which program they want to support.  Our fundraiser events and services help offset operational cost (public speaking engagements, self-defense training, product sales, etc.). 


10 CAN, Inc. is comprised of an all-volunteer force. We are run by five Board members and nearly 100 volunteers per year. Volunteers must perform within the parameters of biblical ethics. We are not associated with a particular church or religion, and work with all ministries to take the Light of Christ into places that only the boldest go. We evangelize through action, adventure, and the great outdoors. We believe that a solid childhood foundation equates to effective and resilient adulthood. This is a proactive approach to solving the medical phenomena of PTSD, reducing criminal behavior, and changing the world through our backyard. Our goals are: to enhance the quality of life for our Heroes by bridging the family gap created during combat; empower self-healing through faith and purpose; and develop a future of warriors who are equipped to handle Secondary Traumatic Stress and Post-Traumatic Stress. While the most effective healing happens at home, it is a strong root system that keeps a tree standing through the storm. 




Divinely inspired, “10 CAN” represents the importance of an emerging adolescent’s Rite of Passage - a vital part of establishing a solid foundation and strong roots. Also founded on the philosophy of the 10 Commandments, happiness is as simple as following 10 rules.


Three Programs of focus

Outdoor Recreational Therapy / Children & Youth Development / Family Fitness







As a Christian Adventure Network we're honored to work with other ministries and similar organizations. Our coalition consists of churches, schools, service organization, government agencies, and outreach programs. We provide spiritual mentoring, referrals, and partnerships that fosters a tribal society. We cross social boundaries to reach all walks of life.   

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in Military, Law Enforcement, Adaptive Recreation, Agriculture, and Adolescent Development. Our Family Fitness model builds strong relationships through an emotional context captured during a positive adventure. This is our method in combating PTSD (the result of emotional context attached to a negative situation).


Mission & Vision

 To honor, revive, and grow Military & First Responder families through outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation.  

To motivate wounded Military and Law Enforcement personnel through outdoor ministry. To enrich the lives of children through diversity in the outdoors (hunting, fishing, foraging, survival, etc.). To promote impact-driven adolescents through a Wilderness Survival Rite of Passage. And to demonstrate that Faith can overcome all.



About our Founder

Matthew Burke, a retired Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force, incurred injuries while engaged in combat with enemy forces in Afghanistan on September 10, 2011. Due to his combat injuries, the Air Force classified him as a wounded warrior and medically retired him after 13 years of active duty. He witnessed with his own family the hardships that arise from serving his country and community, and the fortitude required to work through disabilities to hold a family together. He believes that everyone has the potential to be great if given the opportunity. Within his military career, he deployed four times to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. His specialties included aircraft maintenance, safety, anti-terrorism, recruiting and human relations, education, traffic management and base operations, airfield management, and strategic leadership.


Matthew holds an Associates degree in Aerospace Maintenance and Human Relations, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters degree in Specialized Ministry, and is concluding a Dissertation for his Doctorate degree in Public Policy & Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management. Matthew is a Black belt in Taekwondo, with a 23-2 record. He has competed in multiple national and state level martial arts tournaments. His self-defense background includes Shotokan, Jujitsu, hand-to-hand combat, and boxing. In 2014, Matthew was selected as part of the elite Team USA to compete in the Inaugural Invictus Games in London; bringing home Gold and Silver medals in swimming and rowing. He also made it to the top 10 in Archery. Additionally, he was selected for the Air Force team to compete against the US Army at West Point during the Army Games, and for the military Paralympic Warrior Games in Colorado's Olympic training center and the US Air Force Academy.  


Matthew is a dedicated Christian, husband, father, and an avid outdoorsman. He has hunted big game all across North America, and now conducts youth hunts as a certified Hunt Master with Florida Fish and Wildlife. His focus is to create well-rounded outdoorsmen through hunting, fishing, and wilderness survival training. Matthew's return to the outdoors post combat injury provided the necessary tools for his rehabilitation. His philosophy in rehabbing disabled Vets is simple: find a moment in your childhood that made you happy; nurture those roots; and get back into the game. Put your faith and family first. 

Through farming, outdoor recreational therapy, and adaptive sports, Matthew was able to overcome his injuries by learning to work within his limitations. Accepting the new norm, focusing on what he can do and not what he cannot do, and surrounding himself with positive people helps him get through the daily grind.  He decided to give back to fellow disabled veterans by establishing 10 CAN, Inc. on a farm that he bought. Starting with just one family, the mission has grown to serve more than 500 families. Together with many organizations, he fosters a “One Team, One Fight” mission. Matthew trained under an Army Green Beret for wilderness survival, and has 32 years of hunting and fishing experience in six different states. 


Matthew took on a year of reviving the local American Legion as the Commander. In his tenure, he was able to establish a working relationship with Alachua County Veterans Services (bringing urban resources to rural Vets), North Florida Career Source (offering job opportunities to Vets and less fortunate families), Blessed Hope Food Bank (serving over 500 families a month), and Bank of America to build a community peach orchard. He helped stand-up the nonprofit GROW HUB, was an active member of the Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce, developed a mushroom garden at GET, and sat on the Alachua County Veterans Advisory Board. While continuously serving as the Executive Director of 10 CAN, Inc., Matthew works diligently to complete a Dissertation on Secondary Traumatic Stress in Law Enforcement Officers. Matthew's passion for the outdoors and his love for family has driven him to overcome several combat injuries. His extensive knowledge of wilderness survival has led him to successfully complete several survival challenges; including a 4 day/3 night 114 miles with 10lbs of gear and no food or water to bring awareness for Wounded First Responders. 


As a public speaker, Matthew educates the community on post-traumatic stress, adaptive recreation, and adolescent development. He is a motivational speaker for children and youth, presents to public leaders on the nature of working with Veterans within their communities or place of employment, and collaborates to combat poverty through gardening.


Founder and Executive Director, retired USAF MSgt Matthew R. Burke, received a Divine calling to youth ministry in 2005. Without hesitation, he immediately began making an impact. Since 2005, Matthew has mentored more than 5,000 children in six states and three countries. Upon medically retiring from service in 2013, Matthew established 10 CAN, Inc. with the help of his eldest daughter Jasmine Burke.

Founder / President

Matthew Burke

Army Combat Veteran, F. Chino Batista, is a Full Sail University graduate that loves God, his family, his country and cares deeply for the life of others. He is uber passionate about figuring things out, future tech, cryptocurrency, music & film. 

Director of Marketing

F. Chino Batista

Co-founder and Vice-President, Jasmine Burke is a 17 year old senior at Newberry High School. She is the lead instructor at Newberry Martial Arts, owns her own business called Teaching Grace (where she teaches piano lessons to children), co-chairs the Alachua County Father-Daughter Dance, and has devoted over 1,000 hours of community service since 2014.

Co-Founder / Vice President

Jasmine Burke

Chief Rodriguez Fabiani joined the Active Army as a Private on 8 August 1971 as 76V Specialist Logistics. Tours Vietnam 1971-1972 and continue the carrier for more than 41 years of active and reserve service. Chief Rodriguez Fabiani holds a Master’s Degree in Logistics Management from Touro International University and Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration from Troy State University.

Veteran Coordinator

Jose Rodriguez

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