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H3 Adventures


Our mission is to Heal Hometown Heroes (H3) through Adventures. We employ a proactive approach that utilizes natural resources to support the well-being of first responders. Just as preventative maintenance keeps machines operational, why is our culture so reactive when it pertains to psychology?

If synchronized, the mind, body, and soul are superior to any machine. We possess the capacity to achieve extraordinary feats, yet the lack of preparedness, knowledge, and healthy coping mechanisms result in thousands of suicides each year. This is why we are collaborating with law enforcement and fire-rescue agencies, churches, and communities nationwide to initiate H3A Peer Support Teams.

Team leaders, known as Pro Staffers, are trained to organize outdoor adventures, offer mental health first aid, and provide spiritual encouragement. Through our adventures, genuine connections are forged among Christians, outdoorsmen, and hometown heroes. This grassroots initiative empowers churches and agencies with an innovative outreach that introduces law enforcement, fire-rescue, and emergency medical personnel to a more positive path forward.

Suicide stands as a leading cause of death among military personnel, first responders, and their family members. You hold the ability to make a difference. Our aim is to collaborate with you to save lives by training and equipping outdoorsmen within your organization to host local adventures. Simply click the Partner Up link below to embark on this journey.

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