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By becoming a member, you support our efforts to honor, revive, and grow military and first responder personnel and their families through the great outdoors. This can have several benefits. Here are a few: 1. Positive social impact: By sponsoring such a nonprofit, you contribute to the well-being of military and first responder families who often face unique challenges. Your support can make a meaningful difference in their lives and help improve their overall quality of life. 2. Community engagement: Sponsoring a grassroots nonprofit allows you to actively engage with the community and demonstrate your commitment to supporting those who serve and protect. It helps foster a sense of unity and builds strong relationships with the families and the wider community. 3. Brand visibility and reputation: Associating your brand with a worthy cause can enhance your reputation and create positive brand awareness. Sponsoring a nonprofit that helps military and first responder families showcases your company's values, compassion, and commitment to social responsibility, which can resonate with your target audience and potential customers. 4. Employee morale and loyalty: Supporting a cause that is close to the hearts of many employees can boost morale, team spirit, and employee loyalty. It shows that your company cares about its employees' values and the causes they care about, leading to a more engaged and committed workforce. 5. Tax benefits: Depending on your jurisdiction, sponsoring a nonprofit organization may provide tax benefits. Consult with a tax professional or accountant to understand the specific tax advantages that apply in your situation. Remember, when considering sponsorship, it's important to align the nonprofit's mission and values with your company's objectives to ensure a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership. Sponsoring an adolescent development program can have numerous benefits. Here are a few key advantages: 1. Positive societal impact: By supporting an adolescent development program, you contribute to the healthy development and well-being of young people. Adolescence is a critical phase of life, and investing in their growth and potential can have long-lasting positive effects on individuals and communities. 2. Future workforce development: Adolescents are the future workforce and leaders of society. By sponsoring a program that focuses on their development, you help nurture their skills, talents, and abilities, which can have a direct impact on their future success. A strong and skilled workforce benefits society as a whole. 3. Enhanced brand reputation: Aligning your brand with an adolescent development program demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility and investing in the future generation. It showcases your company's values and dedication to making a positive impact, which can enhance your brand reputation and attract customers who appreciate and support such initiatives. 4. Employee engagement and morale: Supporting programs that benefit adolescents can boost employee morale and engagement. Many employees are passionate about youth development and may feel proud to work for a company that shares their values. Sponsoring such programs can foster a sense of purpose and create a positive work environment. 5. Talent pipeline and recruitment: Sponsoring an adolescent development program allows you to engage with talented young individuals early on. This can create a talent pipeline for your company, enabling you to identify and develop potential future employees or interns. Additionally, it may make your organization more attractive to young talent during the recruitment process. 6. Community involvement and partnerships: Sponsoring an adolescent development program provides an opportunity for community involvement and collaboration. It allows you to build relationships with local organizations, schools, and community leaders, fostering a strong network and demonstrating your commitment to the community. Remember, when considering sponsorship, it's crucial to select a program that aligns with your company's values and goals, ensuring a meaningful and impactful partnership.

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    Every month
    Donate to events that you attend to help offset costs.
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  • Express Membership

    Every year
    For warriors, women, and youth. Military and first responders use coupon code Hero for 50% off.
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Corporate sponsors please contact Dr. Matthew Burke at or call 352-219-1138. 

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