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Membership Options

By becoming a member, you support our mission to honor and uplift military and first responders through outdoor experiences. Benefits include positive social impact, community engagement, enhanced brand reputation, improved employee morale, and potential tax benefits. Aligning your brand with our cause showcases your company's values and commitment to social responsibility, resonating with your audience. Sponsoring an adolescent development program offers societal impact, future workforce development, enhanced brand reputation, increased employee engagement, talent pipeline creation, and community involvement. Choosing a program aligned with your values ensures a meaningful partnership with a lasting impact.

  • Individual Membership

    Every year
    One camp experience. Begins on March 01, 2024.
    • Decal/Support Sticker
    • Newsletter
    • Event Discounts
    • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sponsor a Hero

    Every year
    Support a family of a fallen hero.
    • Newsletter
    • Swag & Decal
    • Special access to events.
  • Express Membership

    Every year
    For warriors, women, and youth.
    • Decal/Support Sticker
    • Newsletter
    • Discounted Events
    • Swag
    • Free Access to our Adventures
  • Partner Registration

    Every year
    For grassroots Nonprofits
    • Adventure support
    • Access to members
    • Access to peer orgs
    • Marketing & promotion
    • Free booth at membership banquet
    • Newsletter highlight
    • Social media recognition
    • Volunteer support
    • Leadership support
    • Mission support
    • Adventure exchanges
    • Mentorship & training
    • Program development support
    • Annual leadership seminar
  • Family Plan - 1 Camp Event

    Every year
    1 Camp Event - Begins 01 March, 2024
    • Hunting
    • Fishing
    • Camping

Corporate sponsors please contact Dr. Matthew Burke at or call 352-219-1138. 

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