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Our mission is to provide support, resources, and a safe inclusive community to military and first responder families, mentor the next generation of America's finest, and protect natural resources through outdoor recreation, education, and rehabilitation. We address unique challenges faced by our heroes and their families through a back-to-basics approach.


To be a leading and transformative force in supporting military and first responder families, empowering them to thrive amidst the challenges of serving. Our vision is to create a community where military and first responder families find strength, spiritual guidance, and unwavering support, fostering resilience, connectedness, and personal growth. We envision a future where every military and first responder family experiences a sense of belonging, finds solace in their faith, and embraces the adventures of life with renewed hope and purpose.


1. Support Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire-Rescue Families: We strive to provide comprehensive support to military and first responder families by addressing their unique needs, challenges, and concerns. This includes offering spiritual guidance, emotional support, practical resources, and access to a supportive community. 2. Foster Spiritual Growth: This involves providing opportunities for fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and spiritual counseling, creating an environment that nourishes and strengthens their faith without forcing religion. 3. Enhance Resilience: We seek to empower military and first responder families with tools and strategies to enhance their resilience. This involves offering mentorship and training programs, and resources that help families navigate the stressors of their life, introduce healthy coping mechanisms, and foster an adaptive mindset. 4. Build Community: We aim to create a sense of community among military and first responder families, fostering connections, and providing a support network. This can be achieved through organizing events, peer support teams, revivals (aka retreats), and online platforms that facilitate interaction, sharing, and mutual support. 5. Promote Adventure and Enrichment: We promote adventure, personal growth, and enrichment within military and first responder families. We offer opportunities for outdoor activities, skill-building programs, and educational experiences that provide new perspectives, personal development, and family bonding.

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Hunting Season

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