Hunt the Good

Our adventures have meaning, purpose, and healing. We honor our warriors for staying motivated and dedicated to their country, community, and family. Youth discover value and are groomed through a Rite of Passage program with an American hero. Ladies are introduced to the outdoors and train in becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. 

The healing impact of hunting and fishing has saved countless warriors, groomed millions of adults, and offers organic sustenance for healthy eating. It is a lifestyle that propagates productive members of society, maintains conservation, and empowers diversity. Hunting gives warriors a mission, youth a sense of worth, and women independence.

As an unconventional ministry, our coalition of grassroot nonprofits have put a major dent in the suicide pandemic. We're getting back to basics and repairing our country by restoring hope in one another. We demonstrate the pillars of Christianity through action, adventure, and the great outdoors and focus on building relationships.

Youth Hunting Camps

November 2015 launched our strategic partnership with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to host youth hunts through the Youth Hunting Program of Florida. Participants learn weapon safety, tracking, biology, wilderness survival, meat processing, orienting, wild game cooking, and hunting. Our approach builds moral and ethical outdoorsmen dedicated to protecting natural resources. To date, we have hosted over 2,500 families, harvesting countless deer, hog, turkey, alligator, squirrel, duck, coyote, elk, quail, iguana, and dove.  

Fish Forward


Our Aquatics Division is supercharged with Hoorah Therapy. Sure, there's times when we grab a cane pole and relax, but for the most part we're on, in, or under the water pursuing dinner for our friends and family. The concept of fishing forward focuses on the journey ahead. Living in the now is important, but it can be helpful to focus on your next adventure when things get tough.  


Program activities include:

  • Fishing

  • Scalloping

  • Lobstering

  • Spearfishing