Hunting for a Cure

Dr. Burke is quick to point out how hunting saved his life. The healing impact of hunting has saved countless warriors, groomed millions of adults, and offers organic sustenance for healthy eating. It is a lifestyle that propagates productive members of society, maintains conservation, and empowers diversity. Hunting gives warriors a mission objective, youth a sense of worth, and women independence.


Organizations that we have worked with are:


  • Florida Fish & Wildlife

  • Kentucky Fish and Wildlife

  • Bear Archery

  • Easton Archery

  • Bass Pro Shops

  • Camp Hero

  • Soldiers Freedom Outdoors

  • Outdoor Experience 4 All

  • North Florida Survival

  • Youth Hunt Program of Florida

  • St. Johns County Commission

  • Southwest Florida Water Management District

  • Backwaters Hunting Club

  • Pine Ridge Hunting Club

  • Mercy Creek Outfitters

  • Sportsman Foundation

  • Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida

  • Vortex Optics

  • BC Quarter Circle Ranch



Youth Hunting Camps

November 2015 launched our strategic partnership with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to host youth hunts through the Youth Hunting Program of Florida. Participants learn weapon safety, tracking, biology, wilderness survival, meat processing, orienting, and of course hunting. Our approach builds diverse outdoorsmen. To date, we have hosted nearly 700 families, harvesting countless deer, hogs, turkey, gators, squirrels, ducks, coyotes, elk, quail, and dove.  

We host various activities for a universal outreach model. Through our public relations department, we conduct classroom presentations, symposiums, and briefings to build awareness and education. A well-rounded individual is healthier, happier, and more likely to survive any given situation. 

Our diverse outreach includes:

  • Agritherapy

  • Family Fitness

  • Hunting for a Cure

  • Fishing for Faith

  • Self-Defense & Spiritual Combat Training

  • Disaster Response

  • Rite of Passage

  • Retreats & Revivals

  • School Field Trips

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Public Speaking Engagements 

*Children of Military Veterans and First Responders may attend these events for free.


"I would like to say thank you, to you and all of the volunteers that spent the weekend with us. 

Also to everyone that we did not see that were behind the scenes making this opportunity for these young boys and girls happen. Spouses that stayed home is a big one too! I know sacrifices were made by a lot more then we saw. Thank you.

Even though nothing was harvested, this was a successful weekend for my son. He throughly enjoyed everything about it and cannot wait until we can go again. Makes me feel great to know we can enjoy another outdoor activity together. 

And lastly thank you for bringing Christ into your program. Say thank you to Matt for Sunday. Please keep up the good work. We will see you again."


—  The Heyday Family